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Out of The Wilderness:
Weathering Life's Storms From Trials Through Triumph

Weathering life's storm can make you weary. But, when you go to God, He will give you the strength you need to not only survive but to thrive from your trials through your triumph. God wants to take you to your divine destiny according to his design for your life. 

With poignant poems on every page, for every stage of life, Out of the Wilderness will give you solace in the center of your storm. As you embark on this journey of revelation and elevation through inspiration, you will find that God will provide all you need to transform you through the valley, up the mountain and out of the wilderness.


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Tamika takes you on a journey from pain to triumphs of the storms of life.  She let's go through her poem, "Deep End" where she gives control over to God to begin a new life free from the weight and pain of the past.  What a wonderful testimony!


This book has become my go to when I need to be uplifted. Fear Flees Faith happens to be one of my favorites. Tamika did such an amazing job at using her personal experiences as inspiration for others to know that you can overcome anything with the strength and guidance from God. I highly recommend this book and I thank her for making me feel like I am not in this alone


Tamika did an excellent job with this book.. I have known Tamika for a number if Years now and I feel like I have connected even more with her by seeing her vulnerability through her pages of writing. As a fellow survivor of being molested as a child this book surely as opened my eyes to know that I can too be healed from my pain. Thank you for being an inspiration and I’m glad I now have something that is a constant reminder that I too Can come out of the wilderness.


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