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3 Ways to Refresh Your Resume to Attract Employers

Spring has sprung and with the new season, it's time to get a jump start on sprucing up that resume. Whether you are actively looking for a new job opportunity or just passively putting out feelers, now is the time for resume revamping.

3 Top Tips to Attract Employers to Your Resume

1. Strengthen Your Summary- The professional summary is one of the first parts of a resume that employers look at. Ensure you use strong, action-oriented adjectives to describe yourself and what you do. Example- "Solutions-driven, forward-thing, entrepreneurial-spirited HR professional adept in employee engagement, organizational development, employee relations, staff training and effective project management with exceptional interpersonal and communications skills to help enrich your organization's strategic plan." (This is the actual professional summary on my resume so don't steal it, but feel free to use similar lingo with yours). Using strong, specific, sensational statements is sure to get your resume noticed. 2. Accentuate Your Accomplishments Not Your Activities-It's great that you can balance a budget and create P&L sheets, but plenty of people applying for the finance position can do the same. So how do you stand out in the sea of resumes? You have to highlight your wins with stats. Example- Instead of saying "Oversees annual budgets, b

udget forecasts, budget variance analysis, financial reporting." say "Strategic oversight of annual budget lead organization to be 30% under target in FY20." This also works for my creatives- photographer, writer, web designer or any other creative position. Talk up your viewership stats and include hyperlinks to your work within the body of the resume. Long gone are the days where employers are viewing paper CV's, everything is reviewed on a computer screen so make it easy for them to point and click to see your wonderful work. Emphasizing the value that you bring to the table will intrigue employers into calling you for an interview. 3. Liven Up Your LinkedIn-Yes, LinkedIn is most definitely apart of the resume refresh process. Make sure your LinkedIn has a professional picture and reflects what is on your resume. It's also a great idea to join LinkedIn groups associated with your industry and to post industry-related articles or commentary. This will show potential employers how committed you are to your craft.

Follow these tips for refreshing your resume and you may just find yourself a new opportunity in the new Spring season! For more tips follow me @tshllc.

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